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Shipping & Returns

We don’t have a return policy.

It’s an odd thing to me. A policy to govern customer satisfaction. How does one carefully construct a policy that both meets the needs of every guest in the shop, while also meeting the needs of the business?

It’s impossible. It’s nonsensical. Do we create policies to govern satisfaction in other areas of our lives? It is ridiculous to consider. 

So I don’t consider it.

It hadn’t even occurred to me that I should consider it, until a guest came in yesterday and asked me, “What is your return policy”? I responded that we have no need for a policy, because our aim is to leave every customer 100% satisfied for the functional life of everything we sell, and any policy would only restrict our ability to do just that.

It’s that simple. I don’t like rules. You probably don’t like rules. 

I recently reviewed the return policy of one of the more well-known outdoor gear retailers out there. It is 772 words long. It takes them 772 words to articulate to you the various hoops that you need to jump through to receive a satisfactory resolution to your problem. As long as your issue happens within one year of purchase, of course. 


Every purchase that you make in our shop is more than a transaction, it is a handshake. A commitment to treat each other fairly. 

Things get old. Things wear out. But if you’re ever dissatisfied with any aspect of your purchase for the life of that item, bring it back. No questions asked. When you chose us it was an expression of trust, and it would be awfully rude of us not to return the favor.

Our mission statement is simple: Create adventure. But more than that, we want to help you create a life of adventure. And that means having gear that stands the test of time. We only partner with brands that make durable goods and stand by them. We make sure that they understand our lifetime commitment to you, and their implied role in that commitment.

We want to be a great outdoor gear shop. But more importantly, we want to deserve to be a great outdoor gear shop. 

 So put your gear to the test. If it ever let’s you down, just call. We’ve got your back. For life.


Jimmy Funkhouser

Owner, Feral Mountain Co.